Where does quickbooks store data

Where does quickbooks store data

Being a leading accounting software, QuickBooks is a widely used application in terms of accounting and financial data management systems. The software is excellent in handling business with its impeccable feature and can perform several tasks simultaneously. Undoubtedly, QuickBooks is an exclusive software. But, Have you ever thought where QuickBooks Stores Data? QuickBooks act as a repository to safely reserve a company’s financial records in a single file of .qbw extension. In case you want to customize, edit, move or delete the files then you need to access the location for making necessary changes. 

QuickBooks Data Repository

QuickBooks stores its important company files in different locations. If you are probing the QuickBooks company file on your desk, then this steps will help you to reach that  –

  • Open QuickBooks and go to the company file. 
  • Click on the files tab located on the top to search for previous company. 
  • Now you reach the correct path that enables you to view the location of the company file. 
  • If you want to find the company file on your desktop then –

Head to C Drive.

Check documents to find previous company.

Under program files you observe QuickBooks company files.

In case you want details related to a specific company file then press F2 and you check the detailed file summary.

If you are willing to change the location of Company file

Firstly, create a back-up if you want to change the company file location.

Now go ahead to change the location. Alter the default path when –

When company file is stored in QuickBooks

  • Click on the Start > All Program and then choose QuickBooks.
  • Open QuickBooks folder.
  • Click on the company file. 
  • Press and hold Ctrl+1 to initiate the product information window.
  • Prospect file details for the directory path having QuickBooks.qbw file.
  • Input the directory path for further references.
  • Shut QuickBooks program. 

When company file is located in Windows

  • Click on Start > control panel and Appearance and Personification.
  • Click the folder option and then select View.
  • Under the advanced settings, click to show hidden files, drives and folders.
  • Hit Ok and hidden files showed on your computer.
  • Click on file and then mention .qbw in search programs and file box.
  • Results will divulge immediately.
  • Click .qbw file and select the desired option else to write the directory for future purpose.
  • Go through the steps but don’t click on, don’t show hidden files, folders, and drivers. 
  • Select ok to accept changes. 

Hope now you get your answer about where the QuickBooks Store Data and you will also get to know how you can change your default location. For more information you can simply talk to our experts just by calling us at +1(844)233-3033

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