QuickBooks Found An Error When Parsing The Provided XML Text Stream

QuickBooks Found An Error When Parsing The Provided XML Text Stream

As QuickBooks is popularly-recognized and a well-known accounting software program with such exclusive attributes that executes numerous accounting & financial management tasks in no time quite efficiently, specifically designed for small-to-medium-sized business units but it is quite common to observe technical troubles in the software like every other application that may affect the wholesome speed & performance of the software while making the smooth work-process more delayed. In today’s article, we are going to discuss one such error topic of QuickBooks Found An Error When Parsing The Provided XML Text Stream. This article of ours will help you analyze its potential causes and explain to you about efficient ways to eliminate this error code in a detailed manner.

Brief Introduction On QB Found An Error When Parsing The Provided XML Text Stream:

This is one of the most common errors that generally triggers during a post to QuickBooks and an error message pops-up on the window screen stating “QuickBooks found an error when parsing the provided XML text stream”.

Points To Be Recalled:

  1. If ESC is connected to QuickBooks while utilizing the Direct Connect technique, the error will be triggered in the ESC client.
  2. If ESC is connected to QuickBooks via the ESC Accounting Server, then the error will persist in that program instead and ESC will start to hang.

Cause Of Error

This error can be triggered by illegal characters in the XML data ESC is sending to QuickBooks. This generally turns up when data is pasted from another program directly into ESC or when an invalid symbol or character is used in certain fields. These invalid characters causing the error code are as listed below:

  • &
  • <
  • >
  • \
  • /
  • %
  • *
  • ~

Resolution Of Error:


  1. Firstly, access the Sales menu and then choose the Invoice List view. While being under the Views panel, find the Unposted Invoices list.
  2. Now, record the invoice numbers of all unposted invoices for the duration you are attempting to post to QuickBooks.
  3. Again, return to the Post to QuickBooks window screen under the File menu and then post each invoice individually – not by period. Then, continue posting invoices individually until the error triggers. This will explain to you which of the invoices has illegal characters entered. 
  4. After that, open that invoice in the Sales Invoicing screen in ESC and then review each line item. If any of the line items contains text that was copied from outside of ESC and pasted into the invoice, you’ll be required to eliminate that text and retype the information manually. This is to exterminate any hidden formatting or characters that may have been copied and pasted into ESC that may not be seen while executing the process. Also, check for unique characters or symbols that may have been utilized in the Description of an item (something other than standard punctuation marks).
  5. As soon as the invoice has been rectified, resave the invoice again.
  6. Finally, return back to the Post to QuickBooks screen under the File menu and then post that invoice to QuickBooks keeping in mind that the invoice should now post without any errors or disruptions. 
  7. Later, you may now post other invoices to QuickBooks as you normally do. If that error persists again, then repeat this process until every invoice has been rectified.

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