How to fix error 1935 when installing quickbooks?

How to fix error 1935 when installing quickbooks?

QuickBooks emerged as one of the top-notch accounting software and used throughout the world. It manages all your accounting and financial data management. Despite all these, QuickBooks has some flaws that persist in the software to affect the on-going functioning. In such circumstances, you need to talk to any certified QuickBooks experts who give help in a detailed manner just by calling us at +1(844)233-3033. Contact our experts to fix the users’ issues. 

As you already know, QuickBooks has some uncertainties which can persist at any interval of time. Here, you will learn efficient ways to fix error 1935 when Installing QuickBooks. If you are struggling with the 1935 error, don’t worry. Just go through our blog from starting till the end, you will get the effective solution. 

QuickBooks error 1935

Qb error 1935 is an installation error which persists when a user attempts to Install the software while the software is running the Windows startup. The error may also occur while installing the window operating systems.

Possible reasons of error 1935 QuickBooks

  • If Windows System Files get damaged.
  • Corrupt system files entries
  • Incorrect or missing linked info and issues on files occurring due to system file Corruption.
  • Windows System Files got deleted or have corrupted entries
  • Inappropriate apps deletion.
  • File error occurred due to an Adware or Spyware attack or improper computer shut down while the computer recovery process from a virus.
  • Imperfect deletion of Hardware or Software Installation.

Troubleshooting measures to fix error 1935 when installing QuickBooks

Apply any of these below mentioned steps to fix QuickBooks error 1935:-

Step 1. 

  1. Firstly, click CTRL+R and open the run command option.
  2. Now enter msconfig and Hit OK.
  3. Press Selective Startup>> General Tab>> Load System Services>>Load Startup Items
  4. Then, click Services Tab.
  5. Press on Hide all Microsoft services and then click Disable.
  6. Unselect – Hide All Microsoft Services checkbox
  7. Check the list of Services and make sure that Windows Installer Checkbox is checked. If not,  ensure it should be marked.
  8. Hit OK
  9. Press ‘Restart in the system configuration window’ and then restart your system.
  10. Once the system is started and then perform a Clean Install of the software.
  11. Head to the Keyboard and click CTRL+R to expand the RUN Command
  12. Enter msconfig and then Hit OK
  13. Select Normal startup then, General tab and Hit OK
  14. Next in the system configuration window, press restart and restart your computer. 

Step 2. 

  1. Restart your system.
  2. Start Installation
  3. Disable the Anti-Virus or Anti-Spyware software temporarily during the software installation process. 
  4. After the installation process enable the Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware Software.

Hope now you get rid of the error 1935 when installing QuickBooks with aforementioned steps. If you still have any questions in mind, ask our QuickBooks experts at+1(844)233-3033

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